Tomas Zaveckas

Discovering talent who have an appreciation for the specific sequence, and the skills to pull it off, has always been a demand of the Executive Producer.

So the search for the artist who could handle back-to-back sequences was of fundamental importance to the production.

At the time a student of the San Francisco Academy of Art, the CG Artist Tomas Zaveckas, demonstrated a skill in his reel which went beyond his years.

Hence, he was approached to join the global team, while still continuing his FX studies in California.

Working under the auspices of Bedrick Studios, Tomas was recruited to add VX elements to one of the illustrations:

Sequence 16 - Scales of Life

Along with creating from scratch the subsequent and dramatic sequence:

Sequence 17 - Angelic Tears

Over the course of three months, Tomas worked on both, from his own studio in California.

The final rendered files matched the brief exactly, and were a perfect visualization of what the Director had always hoped they could be.

This professionalism and extraordinary range of skill has made Tomas one of the best CG Artists ever to sign on to the production.

He currently resides in New York City.

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