Steven Stahlberg

The world renowned 3D Artist and Illustrator Steven Stahlberg has been in demand for much of his professional career.

With 25 years experience in the industry, his digital masterclasses are regular sell outs in every international city.

This demanding schedule has made him very selective about the projects he gets involved with. So it was a huge honour when Steven signed up to work on this short film.

Both the script, and its environmental message, were the key deciding factors when he agreed to create the pivotal illustration:

Sequence 15 - Angels in Sorrow

Despite the complexity of the design, the development process took just two months as he worked on the production from his own studio in Malaysia.

The illustration he delivered was breathtaking. Not only encapsulating the essence of the sequence, but also the entire mood of the film. It was an illustration Michelangelo would have been proud of.

Steven Stahlberg was the first digital artist in the world to have a virtual character sponsored by a leading modeling agency: Elite. He is a genius of digital design, and he currently resides in Baltimore.

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