Steve Wright

Wanting to secure the world's greatest talents, and being able to, are two very different things. Conflicting schedules, budget, being a short not a feature, are just some of the contributing factors.

So it was the first, and perhaps the biggest coup, when the world renowned CG Guru Steve Wright expressed an early interest in joining the team. Having been a leading industry figure for over twenty years, his very presence on the production would elevate the stature of the short film.

Negotiations between Steve and the Executive Producer soon began in Hollywood.

Enamoured with the script, Steve immediately identified preferred shots and how he would bring them to the screen. His enthusiasm and infectious persona struck a chord with the Executive Producer, and a deal to secure him to the production was finally agreed.

Steve signed the contract to create two instrumental sequences for the film:

Sequence 1 - City Street Time Lapse

Ssequence 22 - Abstract Theories

During a three month development process, he worked on the two sequences from his studio in California.

Incorporating the cinematographic designs and screen text provided by the Director, Steve was still able to enhance the elements further with his own creative expertise.

The final rendered files confirmed why he is so much in demand across the world.

Steve Wright has an amazing finesse to his CG artistry which results in endless perfection, and he currently resides in Los Angeles.

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