Sound Mix

Sound Mix

Silk Sound are confirmed as our sound post-production studio

Before the film had wrapped, we were always keen to begin plans for post-production early on, to ensure we secure the right studio for our sound-mix. After discussions with the prestigious sound studio, Silk Sound, in Soho, London, it was obvious we had found the right home for our film. They instantly understood our message and believed in our film from day one. We quickly agreed a deal for them to record our Narration in April and complete the sound-mix at their studios in July/August.

Greg Claridge

As the Technical Director of Silk Sound, Greg Claridge has worked on a multitude of productions and with an array of well known Actors, throughout his tenure at Silk. After reading the script for our film and watching the latest picture cut, Greg was keen to get involved and work on the sound post-production. His years of experience have already paid dividends for us with some much needed advice and support during the imminent sound-mix. Greg will now be the Dubbing Mixer for The Velvet Abstract.

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