Sarah Abrams Char

Requiring a particular style for one sequence, the Executive Producer conducted a thorough search of the online CG community.

In the midst of this, was a Visual Effects short film, shortlisted for the prestigious THX competition.

The futuristic piece, expertly camera tracked throughout, immediately caught the eye.

Originally from Hawaii, but now working predominately in Hollywood, the CG Artist Sarah Abrams Char was clearly a phenomenal talent.

As a result, securing her to the team, with her vastly increasing conflicting schedule, proved quite a challenge for the Executive Producer. But Sarah is not a talent to walk away from.

The persistence eventually paid off, and Sarah signed on to create:

Sequence 10 - Projector

Sequence 12 - Futuristic Chair

Over a six month development process, Sarah worked on the sequences from her own studio in California.

Breaking it down into its tiniest details she was able to render frames which could be fine-tuned to perfection.

Furthermore, her flexibility and initiative meant even more layers were added to enhance the specific brief.

This resulted in elements superior to anything the Director could have hoped for.

The completed sequences confirmed the production had hired a genuine world class talent.

Sarah Abrams Char currently resides in Los Angeles.

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