Ryan Crocker

The conflicting schedule of Barbed Wire FX, unfortunately meant that their assigned sequence would not be completed during the required time-frame.

So the decision was taken by the Executive Producer to outsource it to a another artist.

A thorough search for someone with the skill to create a 3D Model, texture it, and do all the lighting, rendering, and animation, was one which took a great deal of time. In fact it was almost eighteen months before the right Artist was eventually discovered.

With over eight years experience in Commercials, the 3D Artist and Animator, Ryan Crocker, was very keen to get involved with the project. His impressive reel along with this passion for the film, soon secured him, to create:

Sequence 6 - Shark 

The complexity of its design, meant Ryan was hired to work on the production for a six-month period, from his own studio in South Africa.

He recently completed the stunning sequence and we are thrilled with the results.

Ryan Crocker is an exceptional talent, and he currently resides in Johannesburg.

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