Rick Davidson

The mood of any film is determined by its opening. With ambience being such an integral part of the environmental message, it was critical to secure the right artist to set the tone for what is to follow on from:

Sequence 0 - Main Title

The designs and storyboards were very specific as to how this opening sequence should look on screen. But it was clear from the outset that it would require an artist of the highest calibre, to realize the end result.

So it was a huge relief when the versatile and highly skilled Animator Rick Davidson agreed to undertake the demands of this sequence.

Due to the intricate details and textures required for this sequence, Rick was hired to work on the film for a six-month period, from his own studio in New Zealand.

The attention to detail was worth the endeavour, for the final sequence is the exact opening animation that was always envisaged for the film. Making Rick one of the most important artists ever to sign up to the production.

Rick Davidson is a consummate professional, who is extraordinarily accommodating and patient in the pursuit of perfection. He currently resides in Hamilton.

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