Patrick J Don Vito


Patrick J Don Vito

Editorial, our film's main focus has always been the rhythm of the sequences as they build towards the climax.

With the entire tone dependent on how this sensitive technique is applied, it has always been important to us to bring a vastly experienced Editor onboard to edit our film.

Negotiations between the Executive Producer and Patrick J Don Vito, began very early in pre-production. These discussions continued on a studio lot in Hollywood where Patrick was editing for one of the major studios. From these talks, and the work seen at first hand in the mixing room, it was clear Patrick would be a tremendous addition to the team.

Frequently hired by the major studios as an Editor, Patrick has an innate ability for the cut and rhythm of a sequence.

So it was a major coup for the team, when Patrick signed up to the production especially in light of his recent Oscar Nomination for Green Book.

Such was his passion for The Velvet Abstract that Patrick even invented an array of innovative editing transitions during post-production. These extraordinary transitions elevate the final film even further to give it a breathless pace towards its poignant final image.

Patrick J Don Vito is a tremendous Editor and he resides in Los Angeles.