Neil MacCormack

Based on the stunning quality of his numerous published works, the Illustrator Neil MacCormack, was approached very early on in the production.

Upon reading the script, and expressing a strong personal interest in the project, he asked if he could work on two of the illustrations.

Sequence 16 - Scales of Life

Sequence 18 - God

Over the course of two months, Neil worked on the production remotely, from his own studio in Switzerland.

The illustrations he delivered were outstanding pieces of art in their own right. More importantly, they precisely matched the required designs for the sequences in question, while still bringing his own unique style and voice to the production.

Later on in the process, Neil supplied all of his original layered files, so that both illustrations could be animated as sequences for the film.

Neil MacCormack brings guaranteed quality to any project, and he currently resides in Geneva.

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