Mark Wagner

Long before any other artists were even approached Mark Wagner signed on to become the film's first recruited talent.

After reading the script, he asked to work on not one, but two of the illustrations featured in the film.

Sequence 8 - The Culture Hole

Sequence 23 - War

Both of which fitted his own personal style, and in fact based on this they had always been earmarked for him during pre-production by the Director.

Over the course of three months, Mark developed the art remotely, from his own studio in California.

He delivered two illustrations which set the benchmark for the quality of work to follow from the other artists.

He even came back onboard recently to make some cinematographic changes to each of his original illustrations.

His work for both Disney, and Warner Bros. Pictures, has made him an internationally acclaimed illustrator, and there is no question that his work in this short film will further enhance his global reputation.

Mark Wagner is a visionary Concept Artist, and he currently resides in Alameda.

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