Lauren Cassidy

The seven illustrations commissioned for the film, were some of the first elements completed during the shoot.

But these were always going to be sourced out to animators to subtly bring them to life. Without drastically altering the magnificent work done by the illustrators, meant the animators needed to find that fine line of creative balance.

Furthermore, and of paramount importance, the animators needed to completely understand the specific cinematographic style of the film.

Working under the auspices of Bedrick Studios, the animator Lauren Cassidy was recruited to tackle two of these illustrations:

Shot 8 - The Culture Hole

Shot 18 - God

Over the course of three months, Lauren worked on both sequences, from her studio in California.

It soon became evident that the team had hired a real talent. She instantly comprehended the brief, while using her own creative initiative to layer the illustrations with intricate details which respected the art underneath.

As a result, her final rendered animations set the benchmark for any animator joining the team.

Lauren is one of those rare artists that a production can always depend on, and one every production needs. She currently resides in San Francisco.

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