Karl Hammond

The stylistic demands of one particular sequence:

Sequence 13 - Musical Heart

Was to create a sequence that celebrates the magical wonder of hand drawn animation; akin to the early splendour of Disney themselves. In a world of ever increasing digital practices, the notion was to design a sequence which makes the audience skip, the way the heart itself does.

So when the unusual and extraordinary Animations of Karl Hammond were discovered online, it was vastly apparent that Karl was born to create this shot.

The initial pre-visualizations soon confirmed this, as he proceeded to make the team smile with his wonderful imagery, from his studio in the UK.

With an innate skill to both understand the directives of a sequence, while still subtlety adding his own creative touch, makes Karl a valuable asset to any production.

The finished animation will make audiences gaze in wonder and applaud.

Karl Hammond is a unique visionary animator, and he currently resides in London.

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