Johan Steen

The production brief for one particular element, required an artist with a unique style, to such an extent it took over one year to discover the talent who could give the sequence its precise look.

With his own studio in Thailand, the Award-Winning CG artist Johan Steen expressed an early love for the script, and was very keen to be involved.

On the back of a reel which impressed the Executive Producer greatly, Johan signed on to create:

Sequence 5 - Victim of War

Using the specific storyboards and cinematographic designs of the Director, Johan quickly began to deliver some early pre-visualizations. These were broken down into character models, scene textures, and camera tracking. From this initial exchange, it was evident the production had gained a considerable talent.

The meticulous attention to detail, and professionalism of the previews has made Johan a genuine pleasure to work with. Together with his patience and skill for responding positively to feedback, he is someone the Director will always look to hire for future projects.

Johan Steen currently resides in Chiang Mai.

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