Jessica Entis

The underlying message of mankind turning their back on Mother Nature forms the basis for the whole short film. Therefore:

Sequence 4 - Mother Nature

Is perhaps the most essential design in the entire production.

The quest to secure a suitable artist began in earnest, but the precise storyboard design led to several months of thorough searching.

The high standards required, and the anime style of Adam and Eve, initially concentrated all efforts on the Far East.

Yet it was during this time that the work of the American based animator Jessica Entis struck a chord with the team. Although her style is not anime, there was a quality to her portfolio that suggested she would be more than capable of adapting to the demands of the production.

With an unyielding drive Jessica worked on the shot for seven months, from her studio in Ohio.

This hard work resulted in an animation sequence that went beyond the imagination. The outstanding anime depiction of the Garden of Eden, remains one of the most inspirational shots in the film.

Jessica Entis is an extraordinarily talented animator, and she currently resides in Columbus.

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