Jeff Bedrick

Sometimes a production recruits a talent which soon becomes indispensable to the development of the film.

Jeff Bedrick, the Creative Director of Bedrick Studios, is one such individual.

With over 20 years experience as a VFX Artist and Art Director, Jeff brings an inestimable wealth of experience to the crew.

Initially he signed on to create one of the most important aspects: the Arctic opening which represents the environmental concerns of the narration.

Shot 14 - Polar Ice Caps

But after delivering work of superlative standards, the Executive Producer opened discussions to assign more shots to Jeff through his Animation House Bedrick Studios.

His agreement to join the team in a Supervisory role befitting his experience, was a pivotal moment for the Director.

Firstly, based on the specific brief, Jeff created from scratch the iconic ending of the film:

Shot 24 - Point of No Return

Shot 25 - A World at War

And utilising his team of Artists, he Supervised the completion of:

Shot 7 - Hollow Eyes

Shot 8 - The Culture Hole

Shot 16 - Scales of Life

Shot 17 - Angelic Tears

Shot 18 - God

During a seventh development process, Jeff ensured the unique cinematographic technique of the film was adhered to, while harnessing his extraordinary talent to complete an unprecedented 8 shots for the film.

Jeff Bedrick is a talent no production can afford to be without. He currently resides in San Francisco.