Jason Hollefreund

The multi-layered complexity of some sequences, meant finding artists with a diverse range of talents, and sensibilities, so that they could understand the brief, while also calling upon their vast experience to bring their own unique skill to the frames.

His work on the Emmy® Award-Winning television show Lost, convinced the Executive Producer that the CG artist Jason Hollefreund was someone who would be perfect for the film. Jason's impressive models used throughout the first three seasons of the show, had brought him to the attention of many in the industry, including the team on this short film.

When approached about becoming involved, Jason expressed a great deal of appreciation for the script, and the scale of the endeavour by the Director.

He soon signed on, and immediately set to work on the dramatic:

Sequence 20 - Power Plant

Throughout the entire five month development process, Jason diligently worked on the elements from his own studio in Canada.

At first creating a complete model in Maya, he then layered each frame with extraordinary detail which went beyond the storyboards provided by the Director, such as the beautiful array of yellow lights which illuminate the intricate design of the enormous site.

This, combined with the stringent cinematographic look demanded by the Director, has made for a truly breathtaking manifestation of the initial designs, and it remains a defining shot of the film.

Jason Hollefreund is a tour de force of creativity, and he currently resides in Victoria.

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