Bedrick Studios

It had always been the intention of the production team to partner with an Animation House to oversee some of the more complex animations as they were developed.

Shortly after filming began, so did discussions with Bedrick Studios, about working on a variety of sequences.

Their portfolio would impress anyone, but more importantly they utterly understood the specific look and message of the film.

Unfortunately, their hectic schedule initially conflicted with the shoot, preventing their involvement. Especially frustrating because of their expressed desire to work on several sequences if their schedule permitted it.

So the Executive Producer took the unprecedented decision to put the entire production on hold for eight months, until Bedrick Studios would be available.

After the hiatus, when they were eventually able to commit to the project, from their HQ in California.

Using a team of in-house animators and artists they supervised and produced the following sequences:

Sequence 2 - Crop Circle

Sequence 7 - Hollow Eyes

Sequence 8 - The Culture Hole

Sequence 11 - Distaste

Sequence 14 - Polar Ice Caps

Sequence 16 - Scales of Life

Sequence 17 - Angelic Tears

Sequence 18 - God

Sequence 21 - Velvet Atmosphere

Sequence 23 - War

Sequence 24 - Point of No Return

Sequence 25 - A World at War

Over the course of seven months, the Director worked exclusively with the studio to create sequences which were unrivaled in their technical ability and design.

Their professionalism and craftsmanship, has left a lasting impression, and more than justified the decision to wait for their involvement.

Bedrick Studios are miracle workers of the imagination, and it now seems unimaginable to have produced this short film without them. They currently reside in San Francisco.

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