• Sarah Abrams Char

    Sarah Abrams Char

    Originally from Hawaii, but now working predominately in Hollywood, the CG Artist Sarah Abrams Char is a phenomenal talent.

  • Aleksandar Popov

    Aleksandar Popov

    Based in Serbia, the incredible work of the CG artist Aleksandar Popov soon caught the eye of the Executive Producer.

  • Johan Steen

    Johan Steen

    With his studio in Thailand, the Award-Winning CG artist Johan Steen expressed a love for the script and the film.

  • Stanko Stupar

    Stanko Stupar

    From his studio in Serbia the very impressive Stanko Stupar created his stunning sequence over a seven month development process.

  • Alexander Preuss

    Alexander Preuss

    The Germany based CG artist Alexander Preuss is one of the finest talents working in the visual effects Industry today.

  • Tomas Zaveckas

    Tomas Zaveckas

    A graduate of the San Francisco Academy of Art, Tomas Zaveckas, demonstrated a skill in his reel beyond his years.

  • Jason Hollefreund

    Jason Hollefreund

    His work on the Emmy® Award-Winning television show Lost, convinced the Executive Producer that he had to be hired.

  • Steve Wright

    Steve Wright

    The world renowned CG Guru Steve Wright joined the team on to create two unique sequences for the short film.

  • Neil MacCormack

    Neil MacCormack

    Upon reading the script, and expressing an interest in the project, he agreed to work on two of the illustrations.

  • Jeff Bedrick

    Jeff Bedrick

    Sometimes a production recruits an incredible talent which soon becomes indispensable to the team and development of the film.

  • Bedrick Studios

    Bedrick Studios

    It was always the intention of the team to partner with an Animation House to oversee the complex animations.

  • Anna Silvey

    Anna Silvey

    One of the very first artists to commit to the global production team, was the Hollywood based Anna Silvey.

  • James Wolf Strehle

    James Wolf Strehle

    His work was so in tune with the film's required sequence that James Wolf Strehle was the number one choice.

  • Mark Wagner

    Mark Wagner

    Long before any other artists were even approached Mark Wagner signed on to become the short film's first recruited talent.

  • Steven Stahlberg

    Steven Stahlberg

    The world renowned 3D Artist and Illustrator Steven Stahlberg has been in demand for much of his professional career.

  • Ryan Crocker

    Ryan Crocker

    With over eight years experience in Commercials, the South Africa based 3D Artist and Animator, Ryan Crocker, joined the team.

  • Rick Davidson

    Rick Davidson

    The mood of any film is determined by its opening. With ambience being such an integral part of the environmental message, it was…

  • John C Hedley

    John C Hedley

    With ten years experience, and twenty-five awards, the animator John C Hedley was an artist the production wanted to secure.

  • Karl Hammond

    Karl Hammond

    When the unusual and extraordinary Animations of Karl Hammond were discovered, it was apparent that he had to be recruited.

  • Jessica Entis

    Jessica Entis

    With an unyielding drive the Animator Jessica Entis worked on her sequence for seven months, from her studio in Ohio.

  • Lauren Cassidy

    Lauren Cassidy

    Working under the auspices of Bedrick Studios, the animator Lauren Cassidy was recruited to tackle two of the film's illustrations.

  • Martin Karlsson

    Martin Karlsson

    During pre-production, the Executive Producer wanted to capture the film's unique cinematographic style in one single image.