All Sequences Completed

All Sequences Completed

We are pleased to announce that all 26 sequences for our film have now been completed

The journey to produce twenty-six CG and animation sequences for our short film, took our production to six continents. Featuring talent from many leading Hollywood movies, well known commercials, and music videos, we have been fortunate to work with some of the greatest artists working in the Industry today.

Owing to the nature of the business, in many cases we had to wait months for some sequences to be completed, to allow these busy artists to work on our film in-between their other projects. The opening sequence alone took 4 months to complete, as did a further 6 sequences in the film. But patience in the pursuit of perfection was a key element of the production ever since the Executive Producer put the wheels in motion.

On December 29th 2015, the final sequence arrived from Thailand to allow us to end the year with all twenty-six sequences in the can.

Global Team

We could never have produced this ambitious film without the incredible hard work and patience of those involved.

This process has been extremely enjoyable despite the logistical challenges, because the talent working in CG and animation today is extraordinary. So to have worked with many of the key figures in this field throughout production has enabled The Velvet Abstract to become a unique global production.

We can never thank those involved enough and we cannot wait for you to see their work on the big screen.

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