Alexander Preuss

In pre-production, the Director laid out designs for a sequence which was always intended to take the audience's breath away.

The jaw dropping sequence would require a talent of the highest calibre, which meant the search for such lasted a full six months.

Then, via CG Society, the Director's eyes fell upon The Broken Armistice Over Abalakin. The award-winning space artwork instantly made its artist the only one the Director wanted to assign the special sequence to.

Hailing from Germany, the CG artist Alexander Preuss was much in demand, and it was touch-and-go whether or not the Executive Producer could secure him. So the decision was taken to put the project on hold until he was available.

Eventually, the Executive Producer landed his man, and Alexander signed on to create:

Sequence 9 - Grey Men

What followed was nothing short of extraordinary. Developing the character models first, Alexander delivered stunning pre-visualizations which instantly convinced he was the right, and only artist for the sequence.

Over the course of five months, Alexander's professionalism and quality of work hugely impressed the Director, and CG Supervisor, as he continued to excel in every detail.

His final rendered sequence was spectacular, and will most certainly take the audience's breath away.

Alexander Preuss is one of the world's truly great CG artists, and he currently resides in Aachen.

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