The Film

The Velvet Abstract was produced on six continents and features a narrated poem over a plethora of visual effects and animations with a dark purple color palette to represent the cataclysmic stain of mankind on the environment. The first half of the film deals with our vices and darker thoughts, the things we focus on to avoid responsibility. The second half is what is happening to the planet in the absence of our concerted effort to save it


The Production

After writing the poem which has become the narration in the film, the Writer/Director developed his poem into a ten page visual screenplay.

Using storyboards and stock footage, the Writer/Director meticulously designed each of these 26 sequences to create a complete visualisation of the short film.

He then took the production to six continents, working with some of the leading CG and Animation talent in the world today.


The Narration

Choosing a poem to voice the environmental concerns facing mankind, meant each line could focus on a different aspect: whether it is the detrimental damage being caused, or the distractions the human race wallows in, to avoid taking responsibility.

By splitting the stanzas into two interwoven sections, it allowed for a dramatic build of prose towards a poignant final message.

This narration is brilliantly delivered by Tobias Menzies who worked with the Writer/Director on every single phrase and word in the poem to deliver a powerful performance that audiences have been applauding. 


The Title

Upon watching a climate change documentary, the Writer/Director saw an image of a multi-layered atmosphere of gases and pollution that had given the clouds a texture resembling that of velvet.

Combined with this image was that of mankind endlessly debating abstract theories on how to solve Earth’s problems but never seeming to agree on the best solutions for survival.

These two strands of thought gave birth to the title of the film.