A Short Film About the Environmental Age from a Team Spanning Six Continents

Using a plethora of CG, Animations, and a Narrated poem across twenty-six sequences, The Velvet Abstract highlight's the detrimental damage we are doing to the environment, in a bid to raise awareness about our plight so that even more people can join the campaign to help save our planet.

The poem itself was written by the Writer / Director and is the centre piece of the visual effects screenplay. Combined with this, the sequences are an array of techniques and styles, but each one is coloured with the same cinematographic style of dark purple throughout the film.

Armed with just a one page poem and a ten page screenplay, the Writer / Director has now managed to bring the production to six continents, transforming it into the global production he always envisaged.

Writer / Director


Upon watching a climate change documentary, the Writer / Director saw an image of a multi-layered atmosphere of gases and pollution that had given the clouds a texture resembling that of velvet.

Combined with this image was that of mankind endlessly debating abstract theories on how to solve Earth’s problems but never seeming to agree on the best solutions for survival.

These two strands of thought gave birth to the title of the film and its production.

We Have Passed the Point of No Return

The devastation caused by mankind on the environment means the global warming tipping point has now been unequivocally passed and the planet is heading towards certain extinction.



Choosing a poem to voice the environmental concerns facing mankind, meant each line could focus on a different aspect: whether it is the detrimental damage being caused, or the distractions the human race wallows in, to avoid taking responsibility.

By splitting the stanzas into two interwoven sections, it allowed for a dramatic build of prose towards a poignant final message.